War at Sea by Ken Smith

Seventy years. Yes, it has been 70 years – practically an entire generation – since the end of WWII and, as well, the end of the Battle of the Atlantic. A battle that started just a few hours after the declaration of war in 1939 and ran until the cessation of hostilities in 1945, thus making it the longest-running battle of WWII. At the end of it all, Canada’s Navy which started with just a few small, aging ships, was the third largest navy in the world, surpassed only by Britain and the U.S.… Continue reading

The Interrupted Forest by Neil Rolde

The Interrupted ForestLiving in New  Brunswick as I do, it is only inevitable that any access to the U.S. from here must come through the state of Maine. Over the years, my wife & I have enjoyed many vacations in Maine whether it was “Down East” (Bar Harbor, Mount Desert Island) or in the western mountain and lakes region (Rangeley, Moosehead). On a recent trip to Rangeley, I was quick to stop into Books, Lines and Thinkers, an independent bookseller with whom I have visited on a previous trip.… Continue reading

The Little Book of New Brunswick by Brian Atkinson

I thought it would be easy to review a book made up of photographs, but I soon found it is not so easy! Well, it is not all photographs since we have a two-page preface written by the author/photographer Brian Atkinson whose other works include New Brunswick’s Covered Bridges, Fantastic New Brunswick, and Fredericton.

The book itself has 75 beautifully reproduced colour photographs spread over its 80 pages, and while not the size of a ‘coffee-table’ book (it is more of an end-table book size), it is the perfect size to give (or get) as a souvenir of this picturesque province (famously referred to as the “picture province”).… Continue reading

Canadian Stories of the Sea Edited by Victor Suthren

A great place to pick up used books (other than a used bookstore) are thrift shops. I found this book in a Value Village in Fredericton and purchased it for $2. The editor, Victor Suthren (a sailor himself) has done an excellent job of collecting various Canadian sea stories and organising them chronologically. In addition, he writes a brief introduction to each chapter as well a paragraph acting as a sort of segue into the next story.… Continue reading

A Great Independent Bookstore in Maine, USA

We are vacationing in Rangeley Maine for the second time in four years. In the town of Rangeley there is a great independent bookstore called “Books, Lines and Thinkers” which I had visited on a previous trip here. The owner, Wess Connally introduced me to the essays of E.B. White (the author of Charlotte’s Web) which my wife and I enjoyed reading.

On this trip, I was anxious to get back to the store; this time I was looking for a book on Maine history, something similar to the book I recently read regarding the history of New Brunswick.… Continue reading