Welcome to the Miramichi Reader book review site. The primary purpose of the Miramichi Reader is to highlight Atlantic Canadian authors as well as books of interest to all Canadians, coast to coast. I strive to support the smaller publishing houses as well as self-published authors when possible. There is a wealth of talent out there and they often fly under the radar of the mainstream media outlets. All of the reviews you will find here are 3 star or better. A rating of 3 stars means “It was a good read.” I also try to avoid spoilers and plot twist reveals, but in reviewing a particular type of novel, it is inevitable that something will slip out!

Miramichi Reader reviews have appeared on various author’s websites and many have been linked to from several publishing houses. Reprints of my reviews regularly appear online in the Arts and Entertainment section of the “Giv’er Miramichi” website, Amazon.ca, and Goodreads (https://www.goodreads.com/james_fisher).

The Miramichi Reader is also pleased to be associated with Tidewater Books, an independent bookseller in Sackville, New Brunswick. (Think independent – Read Independent – Buy Independent!)

Recent Praise for Our Reviews

“I can’t thank you enough! You are the first reviewer who really gets the structure of the novel, and I’m so pleased!” Karen Smythe, author of This Side of Sad.

“I am overwhelmed with gratitude to the Miramichi Reader for this amazing review–the kindest, most thoughtful review I’ve ever had.” Carol Bruneau, author of A Bird on Every Tree

“It’s reassuring to know that someone out there appreciates what we’re doing.” – Peter McCambridge, editor, QC Fiction.

“I’m very thankful for the review of Gravitational Fields in the Miramichi Reader. As a self-published author, I’m well-aware of the barriers that need to be overcome to spread the word about my book, and this attention is like oxygen to a writer’s lungs.” – Harry Rajchgot, author.

“I would like to recognize the support the Miramichi Reader gives to Atlantic Canadian authors simply by giving their books a chance!” – Ian McKinley, author of Harbinger, Book 1 of Northern Fire

“I am writing to thank you for your review of A Beckoning War a number of months back. It is an in-depth and thoughtful review, one of the best responses I’ve received for the book so far.” – Matthew Murphy, author of A Beckoning War

“Thanks so much for the wonderful review! I especially appreciate your thoughtful look at the other aspects of the book beyond the relationship itself.” – Diane Schoemperlen, author of This is Not My Life

“Thank you so much for your kind review of my book, Only by Blood. I was delighted by your in- depth analysis and thorough understanding of the themes in my novel. You really “got” it!”- Renate Krakauer, author of Only by Blood

“Thank you for the lovely review. As a first time author, I appreciate it very much. The moment I read it, I felt that all the effort and sacrifice (not just mine, but my family’s too) which went into the book seemed worth the while.” –Pratap Reddy, author of Weather Permitting and Other Stories

“I have had many reviews of my books. None more focused than yours.” – Gary Collins, author of Desperation: The Queen of Swansea and Left to Die

Publishers and authors: my content is copyright protected; if you wish to reprint any post in whole or in part, please contact me. If you would like your book reviewed, please use the contact form as well. Note: I no longer accept ePubs or PDFs.

Disclaimer: while most of the books I review come directly from the author or publisher, I am in no way affiliated with any publishing company or author, nor do I receive any monetary compensation for posting a review. You will, however, see some ads on this site, the revenue of which helps to defray site maintenance costs.

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James M. Fisher

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