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James M. Fisher is the owner and editor of The Miramichi Reader. Started in 2015, The Miramichi Reader strives to promote Canadian literature, and primarily that arising out of Canada's vibrant east coast literary scene.


Walmart: Diary of an Associate by Hugo Meunier, Translated by Mary Foster

In Miramichi, Walmart is one of the very few places to get items like clothing, housewares and electronics. As such, it is a pretty busy place, as are most Walmarts I have been in throughout North America. Honestly, I never give much thought to the people that work there (the Associates) since I usually know what I want and where to find it.… Continue reading

The Court of Better Fiction: Three Trials, Two Executions, and Arctic Sovereignty by Debra Komar

What better place to write and research a historic event that took place in Canada’s far north than while living in Canada’s north? Debra Komar was writer-in-residence at Berton House in Dawson City for one year and considered her time there one of the “greatest experiences” of her life.… Continue reading

New Brunswick’s Chocolate River Publishing

Riverview, New Brunswick’s Chocolate River Publishing was founded to put New Brunswick on the map (so to speak) on the national and international publishing stage. Their books for children and adults are carefully and lovingly produced to make learning about New Brunswick and Atlantic Canada fun for all.… Continue reading

Best New Brunswick Reads of 2018

Looking back on all the books I reviewed in 2018, there were plenty of good ones that came out of New Brunswick.

Before I get to highlighting just a few of them, I would like to mention how unhappy I was at the hearing of the passing of Raymond Fraser in 2018.… Continue reading

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