The Fiddlehead No.278 Winter 2019

The Winter 2019 issue of The Fiddlehead arrived in my mailbox recently and typically the first thing I do is look at the book reviews, specifically to see if any of the books I have read and reviewed in the past appear in the current issue. Well, I was happy to see two of my favourite books reviewed: Listening for Jupiter and Mister Nightingale. It’s always interesting to read other reviews to see what other, more literate, critics discover in a book that I may not have considered.… Continue reading

The Court of Better Fiction: Three Trials, Two Executions, and Arctic Sovereignty by Debra Komar

The Court of Better Fiction is a concise, scathing, and at the same time, sympathetic account of a travesty of justice committed against the Indigenous peoples living above the Arctic Circle.

The Daughters’ Story by Murielle Cyr

Nadine is banished to a home for unwed mothers in 1950. She’s 15. Her baby daughter, whose father is shrouded in secrecy, is put up for adoption without her permission. Vowing to reunite one day with her daughter, she cuts all ties with her dysfunctional Irish and French-Canadian Catholic family whose past is cluttered with secrets, betrayals, incest and violence.