Fog by Rana Bose

In the Acknowledgements section at the back of Fog, author Rana Bose has this to say about Fog, his third novel:

“There is no moment of doubt. There is a continuum of internal conflicts. What we say we are and what we do not feel comfortable bringing up. What is easily said and done and what is difficult to live by. We are caught in a web—our public stands and our private angst.Continue reading

Use Your Imagination! by Kris Bertin

Halifax-based writer Kris Bertin has won many awards for his previous short story collection, Bad Things Happen (2016, Biblioasis) and I'm sure that Use Your Imagination! (2019, Vagrant Press*) will garner its share. Composed of seven stories spread over 200 pages, these are the type of short stories you can really get into.

Prague by Maude Veilleux, Translated by Aleisha Jensen and Aimee Wall

The publishing world is starting to take notice of Quebec’s fledgling QC Fiction: two Governor General finalists  (Songs for the Cold of Heart and Explosions) and a Giller Prize finalist (Songs for the Cold of Heart) in just the past year is commendable and shows that they are definitely on the right path when selecting titles to translate and publish for the English-speaking world.… Continue reading