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The Best Books of 2021

  • “The Bug Man” By Meg Pokrass
    Ma often said that despite everything, we were lucky people, because the Bug Man came over to our house for free, sprayed in places nobody had ever seen. Places that we never knew were there. Happy times were when the Bug Man pulled up, in his strange truck with a… Read more »
  • “Post-Atomic Bovary” by Morgan harlow
    How often had she imagined a safe place where she might go and live alone, an old abandoned cabin, small and sturdy, built high on some isolated mountaintop. A meadow of alpine flowers would grow right up to her door, and the cheerful presence of birds and mice and butterflies… Read more »
  • “Things Like This” by Dave Alcock
    The shelf in the riverbed was behind them and so was the roar of the rough white water. The river was now almost motionless. It was glassy and gliding and calm. Paul watched a current as it slid round a boulder and marked the river’s brim with a spinning silver… Read more »
  • “Go Bother Camões” by Meredith Wadley
    In the walled garden of a Cova da Beira hillside villa, four-year-old Sofia Mariana’s avô napped, shaded by the branches of a cherry tree. Sweet, juicy fruit weighted the tree’s branches. Sofia Mariana, wishing to reach eat the cherries, climbed upon avô’s chaise longue. The weekday care for the child… Read more »