The Little Book of New Brunswick by Brian Atkinson

I thought it would be easy to review a book made up of photographs, but I soon found it is not so easy! Well, it is not all photographs since we have a two-page preface written by the author/photographer Brian Atkinson whose other works include New Brunswick’s Covered Bridges, Fantastic New Brunswick, and Fredericton.

The book itself has 75 beautifully reproduced colour photographs spread over its 80 pages, and while not the size of a ‘coffee-table’ book (it is more of an end-table book size), it is the perfect size to give (or get) as a souvenir of this picturesque province (famously referred to as the “picture province”).

Brian Atkinson starts off his preface by saying how he arrived in New Brunswick from Victoria B.C. in the middle of that year’s first real blizzard, which was very similar to my own experience some years back as I came here (to Miramichi) from Toronto for a job interview. Travelling from Moncton to Miramichi on a road you could not see to a place you had never been: talk about white-knuckle driving! Thankfully we made it and the next day after the storm had past, it was a beautiful snow-covered place we found ourselves in. Everything was fresh and bright. We have been here ever since.

While there are not a lot of winter scenes in this book, but there are many beautiful images of the other three seasons, all very peaceful and contemplative in composition, like fly fishing on the Miramichi or kayaking on the St. John river. Even the Shippigan fishing boats, all freshly painted and patiently awaiting a new season are a sight to behold. Lighthouses are well represented too.

I can picture this book being very popular in tourist areas; as I mentioned it is the perfect size to carry home and make one want to come back to visit New Brunswick again. Each area of NB has it’s own special charms, and while I have not visited them all since I have moved here, books like The Little Book of New Brunswick  make me want to explore my adopted province all the more.

Little Book of New Brunswick
By author:
Brian Atkinson
Hardback 80 pages
6.00 x 8.00 inches
Publisher: Nimbus Publishing

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