A Rewording Life by Sheryl Gordon

This is not a review as such, more of a news item, but one that I feel is important to let folks know about. A Rewording Life is the brainchild of writer and educator (and Moncton, New Brunswick native) Sheryl Gordon whose mother was a victim of dementia. As she states on her website:

How do you piece together a thousand coruscant sentences into a cohesive story – a story meant to raise money for dementia? Here is my concept. To give the book some emotional fibre, I have written eight personal essays.” Each of the essays begins with a letter that spells the word ‘DEMENTIA’. She goes on to say: “If you find this concept a tad confusing, can I ask you to try and embrace it? Confusion is, after all, the nature of this disease.

Sheryl Gordon
Sheryl Gordon

Aside from Ms. Gordon’s eight essays, there are contributions from 1,000 other Canadians who have contributed their own written word for the cause. The result: a beautiful 384 page labour of love that examines the beauty of words and the tragedy when we lose the words because of dementia.

Please visit the book’s official website to read two of the essays and you’ll find links there to purchase the book as well as social media links.  The Amazon link below allows you to read the book’s introduction and acknowledgements. Also, a full 50% of the book’s profits will go to the Alzheimer Society of Canada.

A Rewording Life is worth a look, and it is all for a good cause!

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