Boundary: The Last Summer by Andrée A. Michaud

It’s 1967 in the vacation cottage community of Boundary; an idyllic place to bring your family for the summer. Until a teenage girl goes missing. And then another. Replacing the peacefulness of the place with terror.

Who is responsible? is it one of the community members, or the ghost of an old man who used to live in the woods? The detective on the case works tirelessly to solve the crime before another tragedy takes place.

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Although this novel is centered around a crime, the heart of the story is about the community; how do you react when something like this happens so close to home? How does it affect you, and your relationship with your neighbours? Are you brought together as a group to support each other, or are you torn apart with suspicion?

Zaza Mulligan’s death had changed Boundary’s landscape, leading people who barely talked to one another to stand together, to slap each other on the back and offer encouragement..  trading languages and curses, exchanging recipes for Rice Krispies squares. Nothing would be the same from now on. You’d wave from one porch to another, you’d honk while passing Duchamp making his turn around the lake on his bicycle… you’d borrow screwdrivers and cups of sugar, and the children, come the night, would no longer whisper the name of Tanager, Tanager of Bondrée, in flight before the hissing of the waves.

This is a review by Naomi MacKinnon. To read the complete review, please go to Consumed By Ink.