New Brunswick at the Crossroads, Tony Tremblay, Editor.

Subtitled “Literary Ferment and Social Change in the East,” New Brunswick at the Crossroads is an attempt to explore the relationship between literature and the society in which it incubates as it pertains to the distinct character of New Brunswick with its bicultural character.

This authoritative reference work examines the literary landscape of New Brunswick and its two dominant peoples, Acadian and English, with the bulk of literature coming out of Fredericton (primarily due to the influence of the University of New Brunswick) and Moncton with it’s Acadian population (and the Universit√© de Moncton).

While these separate regions of the province have produced a rich array of distinct literary and artistic voices, they have also, in their diversity, resisted containment under unifying critical labels. The consequence has been a dearth of critical efforts to understand the province.

New Brunswick at the Crossroads (2017, Wilfred Laurier University Press) attempts to rectify that situation by examining five distinct periods in New Brunswick’s history, each of which occupies a separate chapter:

  1. The Period of Loyalist Awakening (1783-1843)
  2. The Period of Emergent Acadian Nationalism (1864-1955)
  3. The Period of Confederation Awakening (1843-1900)
  4. The Period of Mid-Century Emergent Modernism (1935-1955)
  5. The Period of Modernity and Urbanity in Acadian Literature (1858-1999)

Each chapter is penned by a different contributor whose brief bios appear in the Contibutors page, along with a Foreword and Afterword, as well as Works Cited and Index pages. As contributor Cristl Verduyn asserts in her Foreword:

“New Brunswick at the Crossroads will prove to be enormously important and influential for the evolution of literary analysis both in Canada in general and New Brunswick in particular.”

An ideal book for the literary historian, and anyone with an interest in how particular time periods and events influence the arts, particularly the written word.

New Brunswick at the Crossroads, Tony Tremblay, Editor.
Wilfred Laurier University Press