Hiking Trails of New Brunswick by Marianne Eislet and H.A. Eislet

In 2016, I crossed an item off my so-called bucket list: climb Campbellton’s Sugarloaf Mountain. Not being in the greatest shape to do so, I found I should have taken an AED along with me! My wife and her friend had climbed it a few years earlier, and I didn’t want to be left out. Well, after some time, I did make it to the top (see picture), but I won’t be in a hurry to do it again.

Top of the World, Ma!

Now, I haven’t done as much walking or hiking as I would have liked, mainly due to ongoing feet issues, but I would like to explore a bit more these days, especially since there are some ‘easy’ trails nearby where I live in New Brunswick.

Fortunately, Goose Lane Editions has published the 4th Edition of Hiking Trails of New Brunswick. In the introduction, the authors state:

“For the fourth edition….we rehiked all the trails included in the third edition plus, of course, all twenty-nine new trails.”

The result is an accurate description of each trail in the province at the time of publishing. Each trail description may include a map, but all descriptions include hiking time, length of the trail, the ascent, difficulty and trail condition. They have also noted if there is cell phone coverage or not. For instance, the Sugarloaf Summit Trail (page 310) gives this information:

  • Distance: 5.1 km (3.2 mi) rtn
  • Type: linear
  • Difficulty: moderate to strenuous
  • Ascent: 240 m (785 ft)
  • Trail Condition: groomed trail, dry, boulders, ladders.
  • Cellphone coverage: Y

There are other helpful items such as GPS coordinates, what map to find the trail on (if not provided by the Park authorities, for instance). Then it describes the actual hike itself.

This 300+ page book has been beautifully produced by Goose Lane Editions. The paper stock is thick and sturdy (great for the backpack) and the photos are all in colour. My only quibble was with the weight of the typeface used; they are quite light as well as small. I definitely needed my glasses to read the text clearly. Aside from that, Hiking Trails of New Brunswick has motivated me to “get out there” a little bit more and see the beauty of this province from its mountains to the coasts.

Hiking Trails of New Brunswick by Marianne Eislet and H.A. Eislet
Goose Lane Editions

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