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Bounty: The Greatest Sea Story of Them All by Geoff D’Eon

Formac Publishing has produced a beautiful book about the Bounty, both the infamous ship that was captained by William Bligh as well as the replica ship that was constructed in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia for the epic 1962 MGM film Mutiny on the Bounty starring Trevor Howard and Marlon Brando. As such, it is a worthy guide to all things Bounty, from the story of the real mutiny to the various books and film versions that followed as well as the life of the Lunenburg-built replica after the movie was completed. This is probably the least-known (but most fascinating) part of the story: that of the ship which tragically succumbed to Hurricane Sandy in 2014, off the coast of North Carolina.

Bounty, Lunenburg, NS 2012

Aside from writing this book, Mr. D’Eon is also the director of the documentary Bounty: Into the Hurricane. You can watch it here in its entirety: The documentary includes great footage of the Bounty at sea and interviews with some of the surviving crew (two perished with the ship).

A handsome hardback edition with many colour pictures and images from the original Bounty’s past, Bounty: The Greatest Sea Story of Them All, will be a great addition to the library of those with an enthusiasm for wooden ships and the days of sail.

Bounty: The Greatest Sea Story of Them All by Geoff D’Eon
Formac Publishing

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