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Riverview, New Brunswick’s Chocolate River Publishing was founded to put New Brunswick on the map (so to speak) on the national and international publishing stage. Their books for children and adults are carefully and lovingly produced to make learning about New Brunswick and Atlantic Canada fun for all. Some of their most recent titles appear above, and what follows is a brief description of each.

Miss Nackawic Meets Midlife by Collen Landry

In the dedication, Ms. Landry (who was a one-time small town beauty queen in 1981) mentions Erma Bombeck, upon whom her mother relied upon to get her through motherhood. Consequently, Ms. Landry’s humour harkens back to Ms. Bombeck’s appealing type of humour, making light of bad (or mundane) situations that we all face at one time or another. Lots of humorous text strikeouts to add to the fun!

Deer Island Mystery by Don Kelly

From the Chocolate River website: “Jamie’s heritage project on Captain Nehemiah Butler quickly turns into a search for buried treasure, and he and his friends have to draw on their deductive, orientation, and science skills to find it. Tension mounts when an important clue goes missing at school. Will someone else beat them to the treasure? This mystery read for ages 9-12 is set on New Brunswick’s Deer Island.” Readers can also download semaphore clues from the publisher’s website.

Maritime Melange by Beth Weatherbee

This is a postcard size photography publication of a poem written by Ms. Weatherbee and set to the beautiful New Brunswick photos by Shannon Williams. An excellent keepsake or gift item for visitors to our province.

Two Camelia Airheart books by Odette Barr, Collen Landry and Beth Weatherbee

Yes, Camelia Airheart is back with two new adventures, one in New Brunswick (Take Off to Tantramar) and one in Nova Scotia (Follow the Goose Butt to Nova Scotia). Her first adventure, back in 2016 can be found here. Take Off to Tantramar is more of a children’s read-along picture book and the other is a young reader’s chapter book illustrated with drawings by Ms. Barr.

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Henrietta’s Nightlight by Alice Whitney

“A great book for young campers” Henrietta’s Nightlight is about a young girl staying the night at her Gramma and Grampa’s cottage where there is no electricity or running water. The night is so dark and scary in the woods, how will she make it through the night? A read-along picture book for the very young, with colour pencil illustrations by Ms. Whitney.

Chocolate River Publishing books can be found at:

* Westminster Books
* Tidewater Books
* Cover to Cover Books
* Fundy Guild
* Mabel Murple’s Book Shoppe & Dreamery
* Carrefour Atlantic and The Puffin Gallery
* other local bookstores and
* online at

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