Mill Cove Coffee in Miramichi

Ever since the Miramichi area lost the only bookstore it had several years back (due to fire), there has been a void for readers here seeking out the latest and greatest books to read. (There is an excellent used book store in Miramichi, The Book Nook). Kathleen and James Smith, the owners of Mill Cove Coffee in Downtown Newcastle have taken steps to alleviate the situation by offering a good selection of new releases, both local, national and international in its spacious location. On a visit there today, I noticed multiple books that I have reviewed over the past year, many by Atlantic Canada authors, including several on the recent Atlantic Canada Book Award 2019 shortlist.

The new “Pick” sticker!
The Book Wall at Mill Cove Coffee.

Soon, I will be implementing The Miramichi Reader “Picks,” books that I consider exceptional in some way and would be of interest to readers of all ages. These may include (but are not limited to) those already on the current longlist for a “The Very Best!” Book Award. I will have stickers made up to be put on books they currently have as well as any forthcoming titles that I may recommend.

It was exciting to see so many titles that I have already reviewed, along with a good selection of children’s books (a few in French, too) Young Reader titles such as The Dylan Maples Series by Shane Peacock, The Memory Chair by Susan White and several by Miramichi’s own Valerie Sherrard. Other local authors such as Chuck Bowie and Wayne Curtis are represented as well. Overall, a good selection and one that Kathleen is looking to keep current and expand upon.

If you are in the Miramichi area, I encourage you to stop into Mill Cove Coffee and see what they have to offer in the way of coffees, treats and, of course, books! You can find them on Facebook @millcovecoffee2015.

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