Announcing The Miramichi Reader’s First Ever Book Giveaway!

I should qualify that header title with the words “multi-book” giveaway, as I have given away a book here and there in the distant past. This time, however, I have several east coast publishers onboard: New Brunswick’s Goose Lane Editions, Nova Scotia’s Nimbus Publishing and Newfoundland’s Breakwater Books. How can you win a free book, you ask?

The Procedure

Entering to win a free book is easy. Simply subscribe to our brand-spankin’ new The Miramichi Reader’s Weekly Newsletter which will arrive in your email inbox (and possibly Junk/Spam folder, please check) every Monday. Initially, it will contain the three most recent posts here at The Reader (format subject to change). Of course, you can unsubscribe at any time, but why would you? To subscribe, enter your first name and email address in the right sidebar widget, at the very top.

You will be sent a confirmation email (again, check your Junk/Spam folder) click the link in that email and that’s it! Winners will be chosen in approximately one or two weeks (depending on interest) in a completely unbiased and random manner. The book you win will be a “blind date book” not to be revealed until you unwrap it. How cool is that? It could be fiction or non-fiction, but it will be a brand-new shiny, good-smelling book. (Note: I may have sniffed it once or twice.)

The Fine Print

The list of emails we collect will only be used for the purposes of sending out this newsletter. It will not be shared with anybody or anyone outside of The Miramichi Reader. It may be used to send out a special edition once in a while, but we will never bombard your inbox in a spam-like manner. Your chances of winning a book are pretty good, and while the winners will not be publicly announced for privacy reasons, a picture will be posted of all the books available once I have them all in my possession. You do not have to be one of our social media followers to participate, although it is encouraged and the contest will be shared (and updated) on social media throughout the duration of the giveaway. This contest is open to those living at a Canadian mailing address. Winners are not obligated to accept a book. In this case, another subscriber will be chosen at random.

If you have any questions, please use the contact form here (this will NOT enter you in the giveaway):

Note: if you have subscribed to any earlier lists I may have initiated, please re-subscribe to this one in order to qualify to win a free book. I will not migrate your email address to this list. You may unsubscribe to any existing email newsletters, as they will be discontinued over time.