Announcing The Updated Miramichi Reader Website

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[dropcap]May[/dropcap] 2020 marks the five-year anniversary of The Miramichi Reader, and I thought it was time for a refresh. Over the past month or so, there have been many significant changes occurring at The Miramichi Reader (TMR) and our associated social media sites. Perhaps you have noticed some of them. The most obvious is the new logo, which, while I would like to say I designed (I didn’t) I purchased ready-made, so it’s not exclusive to the Reader, but it reflects a strong reading message, even if you don’t need glasses.
The second big change is the welcome addition of some fine editors and contributors, all of which make TMR a stronger and more authoritative presence in the online book review community. The addition of author and poet Bill Arnott as our West Coast Editor and published poet Chris Banks as our Poetry Editor has strengthened and increased the poetry content here at TMR and extends our reach westward of Ontario to support authors and small presses in the other half of the country. I remain as Chief Editor and Administrator and will continue to maintain my keen interest in East Coast books and publishers.
Aside from Bill & Chris, we have our semi-regular Contributors such as East-Coast author Ian ColfordCynthia Sharp (poet), Lana Shupe (of @atlanticbookreviews), author Patricia Sandberg and Ph.D. student (in Canadian Literature) Gemma Marr.

See you online, and thanks for your support over the years!

James M. Fisher