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Free Copies of The Madrigal by Dian Day

Author Dian Day is, while supplies last, giving away copies of her latest book, The Madrigal for free. Ms. Day is an excellent author of Canadian literary fiction. Her two books, The Clock of Heaven and most recently, The Madrigal, are two of my personal favourites.

“Both of Ms. Day’s books have an element of intrigue about them; something that kept lurking around the fringes of the story, yet imperceptibly moving closer and closer all the time until the issue had to be confronted. I highly recommend Ms. Day’s books as some of the finest examples of literary fiction that I have read.”

Earlier today, I received this email which Ms. Day sent out to select Canadian bloggers:

As some of you will know, my partner and I had a difficult year in 2019, and several attempts at touring with my most recent novel, The Madrigal, had to be cancelled. Once again, I was preparing to do a reading tour this spring; venues and co-readers were firming up for locations in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario, and even Saskatchewan.

And then Covid came to Canada.

Of course, all such events have been cancelled indefinitely—and personally, I can’t imagine making such a trip until we have a vaccine.

Consequently, I have decided to crack into these boxes of books sitting on the landing and distribute them via Canada Post, free, to anyone who asks, as long as my supply lasts. All you have to do is write to me through my website (address below)—and let me know why you want one; [Let her know you read about her books here at The Miramichi Reader! ~ James] don’t forget to include your mailing address. And then promise, after you have read it, to gently wipe the cover with a little soapy water or a disinfectant wipe, and pass your copy along to another eager reader while maintaining safe social distancing. And, of course, ask them to promise to do the same.

Oh, and I have a few extra copies of The Clock of Heaven, too.

Thanks, everyone. Stay home, stay safe, and keep reading!



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2 thoughts on “Free Copies of The Madrigal by Dian Day
  1. Thank you so much for alerting us to this, James!

    Also, I didn’t see a spot where I could comment on the giveaway post, so if you have an opportunity, could you please pass along my appreciation to Dian?

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