2020 Shortlist: “The Very Best!” First Book

Best First Book (Fiction or Non-Fiction)

Best First Book is one of the more interesting categories: I’m always wondering if the author has another book in them anytime soon, or was this just a one-off experience? What will their second book be like? The authors in this shortlist represent a wide assortment of backgrounds. All but one are female and there’s only one non-fiction book here. Here there are short stories, a thriller-suspense novel, a French translation and a novel about the lives of new immigrants in Canada and the struggles they face. All good reading!

Of the above five titles, three will be awarded either gold, silver, or bronze award early in September 2020. The entire longlist can be seen here: https://miramichireader.ca/very-best-book-awards/

Next up: Best Short Fiction!

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