You Won’t Always Be This Sad: A Book of Moments by Sheree Fitch

Everyone experiences grief in their own way.  Sheree Fitch is a writer and it made perfect sense for her to write about a mother’s deepest grief – the loss of a child.  Within the pages of this book, Sheree shares thoughts and emotions in a continuous poem broken up between pages with the style changing throughout.   

Sheree uses many forms of free verse to communicate her grief.  There are sadness and inspiration in each poem.  Heart-breaking beauty lies within the pages of this book that lays bare her grief. 

Beautifully crafted word after word, this reader felt the author’s grieving process almost tangibly enough to be able to reach out and touch it.  Sheree gives her reader permission to grieve and sorrow and wail but also gives her reader a path back to a new reality in a world without a loved one in it.  Some people never take the time to grieve; they get lost in their grief over and over and over again.  I so wish Sheree Fitch had never, ever have had to write this from personal experience. No mother ever should have to.  I am grateful to Sheree for offering this book and her wise thoughts.

“Heart-breaking beauty lies within the pages of this book that lays bare her grief.”

This book is filled with grief and suffering and heartache but it is also so very much filled with the singing heartstrings that come from Sheree’s deepest grief. The song begins as a wail and ends as an opus. It is a book of moments in an overwhelming journey of sorrow. I believe that grief does hold heart songs that come about through beautiful and loving memories. Sheree is raw and honest and shares so much. Lose yourself in the beauty Sheree portrays in the good moments, the kind moments she searches for and finds in everyday life.  You won’t always be this sad while reading this book. There is so much here to fill your heart.

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Everything about this book has changed me.  I promise you too will be changed after you have read it.  You will be moved.

This book is a powerful gift to grieving souls.  I am grateful to have read this book.  Sheree has used her beautifully talented writer’s voice and bared her mother’s soul to write this exceptional book about grief.  Sheree writes the way she lives her life.  Sheree lives with profound thought, deep emotion and boundless love always trying to find her way to “kiss the joy as it flies.” An important book and one I have already recommended to others.

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July 31, 2020 16:19

This is a beautiful book. Lovely review.

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