New Poetry from Cynthia Sharp: The Temple of Trees & In An Evergreen Altar

Author and poet Cynthia Sharp has submitted two of her newest poems, “The Temple of Trees” and “In an Evergreen Altar” written to Jilly Watson’s painting Sanctuary (see below) for a book they are collaborating on in future. They make their debut here in The Miramichi Reader.

The Temple of Trees    
Tangerine path opens  
to the universe, 
empyrean resin made strong.     
Veins flow,  
leaves fall.    
I feel your gentle curves, 
embrace entropy, 
spread into earth, 
 the birth canal  
we imagine death to be. 
Inside the trunk 
palpable palms unveil  
a center of light,   
the paradox inside trees, 
a golden tunnel to the core, 
the moon a carriage, 
a whole earth in its cradle, 
an embryo to another world, 
an inverse cocoon 
spiralling beyond 
the descent back. 

In an Evergreen Altar  
Shadows won’t catch you 
if you beam toward radiance.  
Stay focussed and strong 
in the saffron night, 
no longer manipulated  
by misguided obligation  
to enter any darkness  
not meant for you. 
Inhale the auspicious candescence  
infused with the scent of cedar, 
a candle along a pomelo path 
to your inner child. 
Let the quicksand of depression 
dissolve on its own. 
Stream  along starlit stones in forest soil, 
through blood vessel rivulets 
to dissolution, 
the return to nothing 
reborn in light, 
arteries pulsating,  
universe creating, 
destination in sight. 
Flow to the heart, 
the inner transcendence of trees, 
a wrapped mummy  
in womb time bliss 
to eternity. 

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