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In the Fall 2020 edition of Atlantic Books Today there was an editorial by Alex Liot, the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) of Atlantic Publishers Marketing Association in which he stated, in part:

“We know that the desire to read a local book is now higher than ever. That knowledge presents a unique opportunity to figure out how we can better connect readers to Atlantic books. And so, with surveys showing support from more than 85 percent of Atlantic Canadians, we are rolling out our Teal Lighthouse brand stamp as a tool to help readers find their next favourite local book. Please visit your local bookstore this fall and look for the Teal Lighthouse as you consider your holiday shopping list. Giving the gift of local books is a great way we can all help Build Back Better.”

We at The Miramichi Reader, while endeavouring to review books from all parts of Canada, have always been particularly passionate about promoting books by Atlantic Canadian authors and small press publishers out this way. With this in mind, I approached Chris Benjamin, the editor of the ABT magazine about arranging some type of connection. Both he and Alex were keen on the idea of TMR using their Teal Lighthouse logo and the #ReadAtlantic hashtag to highlight books produced by the members of the APMA.

Therefore you might notice this logo on book covers here at TMR and in the body of the reviews, too. #ReadAtlantic!

A #ReadAtlantic Book!

For a list of all the members of the APMA, click here:

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James M. Fisher is the owner and editor-in-chief of The Miramichi Reader. Started in 2015, The Miramichi Reader strives to promote good Canadian books, poets and authors, as well as small-press publishers, coast to coast to coast. James works and resides in Miramichi, New Brunswick with his wife and their dog.

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