More Powerful Together – Conversations with Climate Activists and Indigenous Land Defenders by Jen Gobby

Fernwood Publishing has a history of releasing socially conscious books that critique contemporary culture.  Their catalogue extends to a variety of different topics concerning marginalized communities, and political and economic theory.

The title from this effort derives from a quote from Baruch Spinoza, appearing on pages 212 – 213 (to wit, “…through which people become alive, more capable, and more powerful together.”)  This book is in keeping with this quotation.

A #ReadAtlantic Book!

It combines research from published sources with original research, all documented very well.  The introduction indicates that this work is based, either whole or in part, upon the author’s thesis.

It is divided into eight chapters that deal with various facets of the title’s topic, including The Climate and Inequality Crises in Canada, Understanding the Crises, Envisioning the Alternatives, and Overcoming the Barriers & Building More Powerful Movements, amongst others.  The author describes indigenous land defence movements, and further documents other pertinent activities (such as corporate influence on the political system).

This type of research is very valuable.  It is important to have a frank discussion about environmental damage, and in particular, how it adversely affects the indigenous communities in North America.  The author has clearly opened an essential dialogue regarding these matters.

As such issues are extremely complicated, it is difficult to imagine the author being able to offer concrete solutions.  However, I applaud the fact that the author has brought these important issues to light so that the general public can also become involved in the conversation and that, hopefully together, solutions may, eventually, be determined.


About the author: Jen Gobby is an activist-scholar based in Tio’tia:ke (Montreal). She is the founder of the MudGirls Natural Building Collective, organizes with Climate Justice Montreal, completed her Ph.D. at McGill, and is now a post-doctorate fellow at Concordia University.

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  • ISBN: 9781773633596
  • July 2020
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  • ISBN: 9781773632513
  • July 2020
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