TMR’s Recommended Reads for 2020/2021 Part I

Since the most recent “The Very Best!” Book Awards were announced in September 2020, the TMR team of Contributors have been reading and reviewing full-tilt for the 2020/2021 reading year. November is an ideal time to take stock of what has been accomplished thus far before the busy year-end activities start to take time from our already full schedules. So, I polled our contributors regarding the books they have reviewed and recommend. This list will hopefully provide you with some gift ideas as well for readers of all ages. (Each link will open to the review in a new tab.)



Perhaps some (or all) of these titles may end up on the 2021 longlist for “The Very Best!” Book Awards, which will be announced in the early summer of 2021. Before then, Part II of TMR’s Recommended Reads will appear. Happy reading, and if you haven’t already, take a moment to sign up to our Weekly Newsletter, so you don’t miss a post!

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