Wiebke von Carolsfeld Novel Optioned For Film Production

(Some content borrowed from an LLP news release).
MONTREAL – Linda Leith Publishing is thrilled to announce the signing of an option agreement with Jeremy Podeswa/Rebelfilms for the motion picture adaptation rights to Wiebke von Carolsfeld’s critically acclaimed first novel, Claremont.

“A very convincing and a very gratifying read. A laudable first book.”

James M. Fisher, The Miramichi Reader

Longlisted for the 2020 The Miramichi Reader Best First Fiction award and hailed by critics and readers alike, Claremont is the gripping story of one family’s journey through grief and towards healing. After witnessing his parent’s murder-suicide, nine-year-old Tom refuses to speak. As the seasons change, his silence becomes a powerful presence, allowing his fractured family to hear one another for the first time, and for Tom to finally find a home.

This deal marks the next step in Claremont’s enduring appeal. Jeremy Podeswa, acclaimed director of such television shows as Game of Thrones, The Handmaid’s Tale, Six Feet Under, and many more, has optioned Claremont with the intent of turning the novel into a limited television series.

“Claremont is a powerful, intimate and very relatable story of loss, family and healing,” says Jeremy Podeswa. “In many ways it speaks directly to this current moment. As we are all grappling with upheaval, uncertainty and fear, the enduring values that the novel expresses, have become even more vital and urgent. At the end of the day, this profoundly perceptive novel suggests, in clear eyed and hopeful terms, that it is family, love and perseverance that get us through loss and pain. I am very excited about adapting this beautiful and moving first novel by Wiebke von Carolsfeld a long time collaborator and friend.”

Wiebke von Carolsfeld is a German-born writer living in Montreal. She is an award-winning writer, editor and filmmaker and has directed three critically acclaimed feature films — Marion Bridge, STAY, The Saver — that have played at festivals around the world, winning numerous awards, including Best First Feature at TIFF. She is a renowned feature film editor and has edited several films for Jeremy Podeswa, including Fugitive Pieces and The Five Senses. Wiebke has taught classes internationally on screenwriting, filmmaking as well as the creative process. In 2020, Kiepenheuer & Witsch published the German translation of Claremont to great critical reception.

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Natalie Rourke
Natalie Rourke
December 3, 2020 22:06

I will be revisiting the depths of Alden Nowlan. I want to reread Bread, Wine and Salt this winter. I grew up near where Alden lived in his childhood, and I can relate to his simple truth. He is a favorite storyteller of mine. As I child, Edith Mosher would tell me the ghost stories from down the shore. Her “Haunted” ghost stories leave me with a smile every time. A good collection of short stories is a treasure that is long forgotten.