Bill Arnott’s The Gamble Novellas

The Gamble Novellas are launched, live, and half-price on Amazon!

We’re excited to announce the first three installments of The Gamble, bestselling author Bill Arnott’s e-book novella series (suspense, intrigue, action and humour) are now in a single volume, “The Gamble Novellas: Books 1-2-3.”

Early reviews of The Gamble from Goodreads and Amazon:

“Fast-paced, original, and compelling,” MM

“Gritty writing, entertaining, intriguing,” HMc

“Enjoyable suspense; a completely different experience!” JS

“Arnott is a masterful purveyor of mood and dialogue,” MM

“I can’t wait to read more from this great writer,” JS

“A great read, full of suspense and a real page-turner,” LW

If you don’t know The Gamble, Book 1 is a free Amazon download on Jan 30th and 31st, and the combined set, The Gamble Novellas: Books 1-2-3, is half-price for the launch. Available at Amazon: