Deficiency by SC Eston

When my son was a teenager, he introduced me to fantasy and sci-fi novels. I enjoyed the stories he shared with me. Both of us ventured into different genres as he got older. When I met SC Eston through mutual friends, I was re-introduced to fantasy by reading Steve’s first two novels. I was hooked. Eston is a unique and talented storyteller and he continues with his newest venture into science fiction – Deficiency.

Without giving too much away, Eston takes us into a whole new world.

Artenz first awoke in the bio-sphere. As he surfaced from the depths of sleep, words appeared in the bottom right corner of his vision: …

The words disappeared and blended into the background as the profile room built itself. This early in the morning, it loaded quickly.

Everything is perfect in Prominence, a utopian world where Eston’s main characters, Artenz and Keidi are happy in their controlled life, not questioning the authorities until one of their dear friends and relative disappears, literally overnight. No explanations. No warning. She is the only person that shares their secret.

Artenz and Keidi ignore the warnings from those governing Prominence when it comes to a natural act, although it is highly illegal. Not the government but the corporations. Greed and corruption drive the major players where the only things that matters is profit. Their troubles begin when Artenz and Keidi start asking questions. Below Prominence is the Underworld. Abandoned by the Corporations and off-limits, it’s a world of darkness and mystery.  Artenz and Keidi find help from the unlikeliest of protectors. Do the Low Lands exist? Is it their only chance for survival?

Eston writes in tight, descriptive prose. No wasted words. Deficiency is a fast-paced novel full of futuristic ideas and protagonists, colourful characters, a great plot and a satisfying ending. Eston has gone a step further for our enjoyment by adding a list of characters, a map of Prominence and a glossary of terms and technologies. If you are into sci-fi or just a fine story, this novel is for you. It didn’t let me down.

Deficiency is a Miramichi Reader “Pick” for an exceptional self-published novel.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

About the author: STEVE C. ESTON grew up in the province of New Brunswick in Canada. He is a manager in technology services for the federal government and lives in Fredericton with his wife Leigh, and their two children. For information, excerpts, and free short stories, you can visit him at

  • Publisher : S.C. Eston Author (Dec 2 2020)
  • Paperback : 444 pages
  • ISBN-10 : 1777178932
  • ISBN-13 : 978-1777178932
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Allan Hudson was born in Saint John, New Brunswick. Growing up in South Branch he was encouraged to read from an early age by his mother who was a school teacher. He lives in Cocagne with his wife Gloria. He has enjoyed a lifetime of adventure, travel and uses the many experiences as ideas for his writing. He is an author of a collection of short stories- A Box of Memories and the Drake Alexander adventure series, Dark Side of a Promise, Wall of War and the newest – Vigilantes. The Jo Naylor Adventure series – Shattered Figurine & Shattered Lives. Historical fiction – The Alexanders. He has contributed a short story to an upcoming Anthology titled Autumn Paths. His short stories – The Ship Breakers & Into the Abyss – received Honourable Mention in the New Brunswick Writer’s Federation competition.

He has stories published on, The Golden Ratio and his blog - South Branch Scribbler.


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