Her Irish Boyfriend by Chuck Bowie

This book marks the fifth installment in Mr. Bowie’s popular Donovan: Thief for Hire series and all of them have been reviewed here at The Miramichi Reader. While the series is firmly in the “Crime-Thriller” genre, they cheat toward the cozy side of things, as there is little in the way of profanities or gratuitous sex scenes. Mr. Bowie concentrates on the story with very few diversions, other than describing the food and wine the characters are dining on.

Note: possible spoiler alerts ahead!

Her Irish Boyfriend puts Sean back in the UK assisting his friend DI Gemma Trask, whom we first met in Steal It All (Book #3). Gemma is a tough, yet vulnerable officer of the law and she has some serious doubts about her Irish boyfriend Danny. Sean is only too glad to help and he leaves his wife Beth in charge of their Niagara winery and flies over to England (Beth will soon join him though). The duo soon finds that Danny is up to no good, but what exactly he is up to is a mystery that requires unfolding. Most of the action takes place in York, in and around York Minster Cathedral and The Shambles, a gentrified former meat market.

“Sean Donovan talks tough and smart and always gets what he wants.”

James M. Fisher

Mr. Bowie’s novels excel in the action sequences, of which there are not as many in Her Irish Boyfriend as there are in the other books of the series. Originally, Sean worked alone (aside from some shady contacts) relying on the tools in his ever-present messenger bag and his clever mind to outwit his adversaries. Now, he has his wife Beth, Gemma, and a York constable (who was assigned by the York police to assist the trio as well as keep an eye on them). It is the moments when Sean goes up against an antagonist with his mind and whatever weapons are to hand that make for the most enjoyable reading. The following passage finds Sean and Beth paying a visit to one of Danny’s friends:

Without warning, Donovan reached over and whipped the throw blanket off Phelan’s thin frame. “My bomb and pistol trump your knife, man. Drop it on the floor, and let’s get serious. You know you’re this close to meeting your maker as a nine-fingered prick, right? So just give me answers.” Phelan released the knife, letting it fall to the floor.

Beth slid the door open, closed it behind her, and sat on the edge of an easy chair. Without prompting, she withdrew an Acdal Ghost with silencer from her purse, attached the silencer with deliberation and then placed it in her lap. Playing the role just a bit over the top, Beth leaned forward, both elbows on her knees. She stared intently at Phelan. The Irishman locked into her stare, eyes wide with fear.

“Eyes over here, buddy. Stupid people make her nervous, and you do not want to make an assassin nervous.”

Sean Donovan talks tough and smart and always gets what he wants. He shifts into a different mode when ensconced in the criminal world, but is a kind, caring, loyal man with those whom he trusts. It remains to be seen whether the series will move forward or not. Mr. Bowie confided that he thought this was his best book of the series. Personally, I still favour Steal It All, but Her Irish Boyfriend is a strong entry in a very good crime-thriller series. Recommended for fans of the genre. You can view the reviews of Mr. Bowie’s other books here, along with an interview: Chuck Bowie – The Miramichi Reader.

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Chuck Bowie graduated from the University of New Brunswick in Canada with a Bachelor’s Degree in Science. He lives on the East Coast of Canada. Chuck is married, with two adult musician sons. He and his wife Lois live in Fredericton, New Brunswick.

  • Publisher : MuseItUp Publishing (Nov. 19 2020)
  • Paperback : 229 pages
  • ISBN-10 : 1773920677
  • ISBN-13 : 978-1773920672

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