Old Broad Road by Phyllis Humby

Old Broad Road reads like a memoir. Humby writes in first person POV and she does it well.

Her character, Sylvia Kramer, leaves Toronto for Newfoundland. In the opening chapters we discover her search for something new after a heart-breaking event back home. We are kept in the dark as to what happened but it works well for the story and is revealed at the appropriate time.

Searching for a new beginning, Sylvia is uncertain she’s doing the right thing. A real estate agent helps her to find a new home along the gorgeous coast of Newfoundland, not far from Bay Roberts. The house is in dire need of repair and here is where Sylvia begins to settle into her new surroundings.

The people she meets welcome her with open arms and Humby does a terrific job of describing the friendly folks of Newfoundland and their unique dialogue. I especially like the character Effie. She’s a bit rough around the edges but has a big heart and becomes a close friend to Sylvia.

The bartender lifted his chin in question and Effie told him, “Give us a bt’le of rum, b’y, and throws away the cap cuz we won’t be needin’ it.”

Everything is going as planned. Sylvia couldn’t be happier with her decision, regardless of her best friend from Toronto and her children who think she’s making a mistake. But an unexpected event throws Sylvia back into her doubts. Has she done the right thing?

The story is full of lovable characters, heartbreak and redemption. It’s sprinkled with witty situations and comments. You will wish you could reach in and give Sylvia a hug.

Phyllis Humby lives in the touristy municipality of Lambton Shores, Ontario, Canada where she indulges her passion for writing award-winning short stories, from chilling thrillers to comedy, and pens a humorous monthly column Up Close and Personal for First Monday magazine. She is the author of the memoir Hazards of the Trade, and the contemporary novel Old Broad Road.

  • Publisher : Crossfield Publishing (Jan. 1 2020)
  • Language : English
  • ISBN-10 : 1999177924
  • ISBN-13 : 978-1999177928
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You can order Old Broad Road directly from Crossfield Publishing here: Order Books – Crossfield Publishing.

Allan Hudson was born in Saint John, New Brunswick. Growing up in South Branch he was encouraged to read from an early age by his mother who was a school teacher. He lives in Cocagne with his wife Gloria. He has enjoyed a lifetime of adventure, travel and uses the many experiences as ideas for his writing. He is an author of a collection of short stories- A Box of Memories and the Drake Alexander adventure series, Dark Side of a Promise, Wall of War and the newest – Vigilantes. The Jo Naylor Adventure series – Shattered Figurine & Shattered Lives. Historical fiction – The Alexanders. He has contributed a short story to an upcoming Anthology titled Autumn Paths. His short stories – The Ship Breakers & Into the Abyss – received Honourable Mention in the New Brunswick Writer’s Federation competition.

He has stories published on commuterlit.com, The Golden Ratio and his blog - South Branch Scribbler.


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