The Great Path* by Susanna Peremartoni

Bee hotel yawning

between the holes

glancing at open fields

north wind blows snow

eating our frozen fingers

They’ll warm up by the nightfall

a Chinook greets

beyond the great river

We speed up our steps

under the hangover red clouds

the summer is preening

I could hear it in the wind

and the bees move into their new home

my grandfather smiles beyond the clouds

* One of Canada’s many miles of footpaths

Susanna Peremartoni graduated in Miskolc and Budapest. From the age of 23 she lived in Darmstad, Germany, as a ceramic assistant. She has exhibited in Helsinki and Vienna. She published her first volume in 2016 with Black Eagle Publisher (Budapest). In 2018 she produced a Hungarian and English recording of a jazz poetry CD at Origó Studio. The Hungarian CD is available at the Rózsavölgyi Music Store, the Wave Record Store and at the Plate Maker. The English version of the CD is sold in two locations in Vancouver, Canada (Beatstreets Records, Neptoon Records).

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Réka Fabényi
Réka Fabényi
1 month ago

Super! Congratulations!
Dear Suzie! I’ve read a lot of poems before and l really liked them all!
Whit love:

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