Season of Smoke by A.G. Pasquella

Season of Smoke is a thriller novel at full gallop. The action is continuous with Jack Palace trying to go straight with his own security company but things don’t go as well as planned. He’s dealing with his own problems, the drinking and old girlfriends. Someone firebombs his residence and he ends up bunking with another friend named Eddie in a room he once occupied before. Things aren’t looking good for Palace.

Like the book blurb tells us, Palace is trying to get his company off the ground. He’s got staff ready to go but no work. He gets involved with a local gangster who wants revenge for a killing in Jack’s past. He’s given an ultimatum – kill his friend or be killed himself. Tough choices. What makes this story more unique is Palace’s target, a friend called Grover, has his own plans to bring the mobster down and he needs Jack’s help. Jack Palace is in a difficult spot. Plus, he’s dealing with an ex-girlfriend. While confronting these issues, Palace is wondering if maybe it’s time to put all this behind him and retire, get away from it all.

Retirement. More and more, it was looking like a great option. The problem was, I didn’t have the cash.

The novel has it all for thriller readers, guns and conflict, steamy sex scenes, twists to keep us interested. But beware, there is a lot of profanity, continuous reference to his drinking problems and the characters (there are many) often speak in cliches.

A.G. Pasquella is the author of two other books in the Jack Palace series, Yard Dog and Carve the Heart. When he’s not writing, he makes music with the bands Miracle Beard and LaserGnu. Born in Dallas, Texas, he now lives in Toronto, Ontario.

  • Publisher : Dundurn Press (Feb. 2 2021)
  • Language : English
  • Paperback : 256 pages
  • ISBN-10 : 1459742524
  • ISBN-13 : 978-1459742529

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Allan Hudson is the author of the Drake Alexander adventure series, Dark Side of a Promise and Wall of War. He has a collection of short stories titled A Box of Memories. Also, the Jo Naylor series with book one, Shattered Figurine and book two – Shattered Lives. He has also written a historical novel, The Alexanders. 1911 – 1920. Vol.1, which takes the reader from Scotland to Canada, particularly New Brunswick. Two of his short stories have received Honourable Mention in the WFNB short story competition. He has been published on and Golden Ratio. He publishes the author’s blog, South Branch Scribbler. He lives in Cocagne, NB, with his wife Gloria.


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