Weekly Ferocity: June 17, 2021

What will old age become now that young people have gotten hold of it?What if all the alternative lives you carry with you were to disappear? If the here and now was your entire experience? In madness and old age that is what appears to happen.
In your older age, what you want in a friend or lover is not the same as when you’re young. But that youthful idea never loses that hold over you.Old or young, these are not undifferentiated experiences. Within each, one feels all things: young, old, invulnerable, vulnerable, brilliant, ignorant, energetic and exhausted. Generalizations are wildly inaccurate.

Sharp food for thought from Simon Constam. Subscribe to his Daily Ferocity by email at simon.constam@gmail.com or go to @DailyFerocity on Instagram. All original aphorisms.

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