TMR’s Winter 2022 Subscription Campaign

Late last year, in an effort to raise funds in order to defray costs incurred in running one of Canada’s finest online literary magazines we set up a Patreon account which allows those interested to subscribe at various tiers according to what they can afford. The subscription model allows for a monthly revenue flow rather than asking for one-time donations.

Just to itemize some of our ongoing costs, there are the yearly web hosting fees, WordPress plugin subscriptions (often, the “free” version lacks features), postage, and other incidentals. However, there is another important area that needs to be addressed as we grow in scope and reach: that of acquiring – and more importantly retaining – some of the best reviewers, columnists, and short story writers in Canada. Many, if not all literary magazines, print or online, provide an honorarium, or a small monetary gift, to their contributors and we here at TMR would like to follow this practice. Up to this point, the reviews, columns and interviews have been freely contributed, but again, in order to retain such fine writers, they should be recognized for their efforts.

Click to visit our Patreon page.

To this end, we have set up four different subscription tiers at Patreon:

  1. The “Coffee and a Book” Patron ($3/month)
  2. The “Bedtime Reader” Patron ($5/month)
  3. The “Avid Reader” Patron ($8/month)
  4. The “Perpetual Reader” Patron ($10/month)

As a special incentive, the fourth tier includes a two-year home subscription to Atlantic Books Today magazine, along with a bonus tote bag, a $35 value! This incentive is kindly supplied by our friends over at ABT. An additional bonus:  If you sign up with ABT for the two-year subscription by the end of April you can get their upcoming 30th-anniversary edition issue as well!

Please consider subscribing to TMR. We have been called “Canada’s most inclusive book reviewers” by one author, and to us here at TMR that is the highest compliment. (More testimonials here) We strive to cover as much CanLit as we can and your dollar goes quite far here in achieving our goals. Our contributors range across all ages and cultural backgrounds. We have authors, post-graduate students, healthcare professionals and retirees contributing content to our weekly newsletter. Our common denominator: we all love to read!

And don’t forget our TMR Podcast hosted by our editor-in-chief.

We know you love a good book, and so do we! Please help us in our mission to independently represent the best in Canadian literature.

James M. Fisher

Thank you for your time and your support of TMR!

Owner/Editor-in-Chief at -- Website

James M. Fisher is the owner and editor-in-chief of The Miramichi Reader. The Miramichi Reader (TMR) —Canada’s best-regarded source for the finest in new literary releases— highlights noteworthy books and authors across Canada from coast to coast to coast (est. 2015). James works and resides in Miramichi, New Brunswick with his wife Diane and their tabby cat Eddie.

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