A Bend in the Breeze by Valerie Sherrard

When young Pascale Chardon woke up, stranded on a boat, heading towards the fictional island of TeJÉ (pronounced ‘te-jay’), she had no idea what was waiting for her on its shores. A Bend in the Breeze is an exciting book full of adventure and mystery. It is a great read for ages 9-12, but I would recommend this book for people of all ages. The author Valerie Sherrard did an excellent job making an interesting book with a powerful message. Valerie Sherrard is an author in Miramichi, New Brunswick and I’m honoured to review her new book, “A Bend in the Breeze”.

“While I was reading this book, it was as if I was on a roller coaster. I felt happy, I felt sad, and for some moments, I felt as if I had drifted away from my home and was actually on the island of TeJÉ.”

This book, full of emotion, adventure and mystery, starts when Pascale Chardon washes up on the shores of TeJÉ. She finds herself at the Riverstone household and was soon brought to the Place of Matters, to see the Elders. Along the walk there, the crowd slowly grew. Everyone wanted to know if she was the “long-awaited”. The people believed that if the “long-awaited” arrived on the island and found peace and happiness after 17 days, then the island would find good fortune. However, at the end of their stay, if they found anger and despair, the island would be cursed. At the Place of Matters, she made friends with Kenta and Karuna. Pascale was put into the care of Mrs. Wintercreek, an older, blind woman, and that’s where the story begins.

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While Pascale waited the 17 days to see if she was the “long-awaited” she made friends, learned the customs of the island, witnessed marriage and death, and experienced much more. Throughout “A Bend in the Breeze”, I’m sure you will ask yourself lots of questions, such as Will Pascale be the “long-awaited”? Will she ever see her family again? Who will die? and many more. In order to get the answers, you’ll have to read this amazing book.

I always find the hardest part of a book is getting through the beginning, where the scene is often set with long descriptions, but with this book, that was not the case. It was straight to the point, with short and informative descriptions, which keep the audience interested and invested. This book has 37 short chapters, making it easy to read without stopping in the middle of a chapter.

While I was reading this book, it was as if I was on a roller coaster. I felt happy, I felt sad, and for some moments, I felt as if I had drifted away from my home and was actually on the island of TeJÉ. Then, towards the end I was hit with a message so powerful, I went back and read it again. It was then I realized that the message had been there the whole book. It was everything I think a book should be and more. Every aspect of this book was incredible, from the cover to the very last page. It’s been a pleasure reading, and reviewing A Bend in the Breeze.

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Lori Farrah
Lori Farrah
April 18, 2022 19:51

Great review, Ella. It really makes me want to read this book. I may borrow it once your mother is done reading it to your brother.

April 18, 2022 21:32

This is a great review with just enough information. Well done. The book certainly sounds very appealing.

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