Bill Arnott’s Showcase Interview: Author Allan Hudson

Author Allan Hudson is one of those unique, present-day coworker friends I’ve yet to meet in person. A country separates us geographically but connects us as well. That, and our shared love of reading, writing, contributing to The Miramichi Reader and waving a supportive flag for our creative community. I use the term inspiring to describe Allan as his writing is prolific, a breadth of popular, award-winning genres, and it’s a pleasure to have him join our Showcase. Hi Allan, and welcome! Please kick things off by introducing yourself.

(Allan) Thanks for having me here, Bill. I live on the east coast of Canada with my wonderful wife Gloria. Surrounded by a loving family, I am a very happy man. I’m retired from a successful career as a business owner and fill my time with writing and enjoying life. I write mainly action/adventure series. I also have a historical novel titled The Alexanders 19111920. I have a collection of short stories titled A Box of Memories. Two of my short stories The Ship Breakers and In the Abyss have received Honourable Mention in the Writers Federation competition.

(Bill) What do you feel you’re best known for?

(Allan) An interesting question. I want to think I’m best known for leaping tall buildings in a single bound but in reality, I’m a normal guy who likes being kind and friendly to people. I hope it’s how folks see me.

(Bill) Which is why I chose your “Clark Kent” photo rather than one of you in your cape. But yes, the “kind and friendly” comes through in spades. What do you feel brought you here?

(Allan) My mother was a school teacher and taught me to read at an early age. After moving beyond Dick & Jane, I discovered The Hardy Boys adventure novels and I was hooked. To me, reading has always been my escape. I figured one day, I would like to create my own stories but it wasn’t until I discovered Bryce Courtenay’s novels that I became motivated to write.

(Bill) And who do you consider to be a role model or mentor to you?

(Allan) I’d have to refer to the previous question. Bryce Courtenay is one of my favourite authors. I discovered he began his writing career at the age of 55. It was all the inspiration I needed. I haven’t looked back since and I can’t imagine not writing.

(Bill) I love that benchmark, starting something new at any stage of life. So, what’s your advice to others?

(Allan) In terms of writing, I think writing every day is key. Five minutes or fifty minutes. Get your ideas on paper, fix them later. And in life, take chances once in a while. Don’t settle for ordinary and then one day look back and say, “What if …”

(Bill) Excellent advice. Tell us what you’re currently working on.

(Allan) I have three manuscripts completed. I’m polishing up a novella I’ve been working on titled Father, due for publication this year. I have the next Jo Naylor adventure in rough draft. I’ve recently completed a WW2 action novel which introduces a new MC (Main Character). At present, my Work-In-Progress is Volume 2 in The Alexanders 1921–1930.

(Bill) A full plate! And what would be your “Desert Island” book, album, movie, and food dish?

(Allan) I love this question and all the different responses you get from your guests. Book: Shibumi by Trevanian. Album: Naturally by JJ Cale. Movie: Lord of the Rings. Food dish: My wife’s hamburgers.

(Bill) Brilliant. I can almost imagine you enjoying all those things at the same time! And for a Quirky Question, make a choice: Jazz or Blues, and tell us why?

(Allan) I enjoy Blues but my choice would be Jazz. The “why” is best explained if you have an opportunity to hear Dave Brubeck and Paul Desmond play together. Magic.

(Bill) And with that, we’re off to the turn-table (or possibly YouTube). Thanks very much Allan!

(Allan) Thank you, Bill.

Find more of Allan’s great work and books through his literary journal, showcase and website, The South Branch Scribbler.

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