Best Children’s Books of 2022

Here are the Best Children’s Books of the year as chosen by our team of reviewers and editorial staff, selected from our reviews posted in 2022. The six titles are in no particular order, and each link will take you to the review here at TMR.

Our Best Fiction titles will be appearing soon! Our Best Poetry of 2022 choices can be found here, and Non-Fiction is here.

The day before Groundhog Day though is Groundhog Night, and as Sam discovers, other animals have shadows, too.

The Lonely Little Lighthouse by Lana Shupe is a heartwarming picture book about a lighthouse. At least on its surface. This true story is based upon the life of one lighthouse in particular- the Sandy Point Lighthouse in Lana’s hometown of Shelburne, Nova Scotia.

Melanie Métivier reviews three new children's picture books from Groundwood Books.

Molly is a young German Shepherd dog who has been waiting in the animal shelter, hoping to get adopted. Though Molly has a paw that's a little different, she can still run like the wind.

A full-colour illustrated guide to Canada's endemic species for young readers, from the award-winning author of Snooze-O-Rama: The Strange Ways that Animals Sleep.

Two New Children’s Picturebooks by Lori Doody
Two New Children’s Picturebooks by Lori Doody

Two new Children's picture books by Lori Doody, published by Running the Goat Books & Broadsides.

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