Children’s Book Week 2024: Nan’s House Written by Jillian McCarthy and Illustrated by Corey Majeau

The best things in life are not things.

A child’s experiences while visiting grandparents can be extra special. In Nan’s House, you will take a journey using your five senses while soaking up all that is offered from the moment you first open the door. Through the years, traditions and decor may change, but the love and joy of family remain the same. Join in on this colourful and rhyming adventure as we explore the small moments in childhood that end up making the biggest memories!

Nan’s House by Jillian McCarthy and illustrated by Corey Majeau is a picture book describing, in verse, a child’s visits to her Nan’s house. These visits describe a heritage and traditions of the past that many kids will never get the chance to experience — warming up beside the wood stove, making homemade bread and jam. Even being slipped some cash for a treat from Nan may soon become a thing of the past, with debit being the payment of choice for many. This story will not only record and preserve a life gone by but may also create conversations about what life was like “back in the day.”

As stated in the book’s description, Jillian uses all 5 senses in describing the experiences at Nan’s house. From hearing your boots hit the porch floor, to smelling homemade bread and tasting a Sunday Jiggs’ dinner (corn beef and cabbage). There is also the feeling of Nan’s hugs and seeing the joy in her face. Then there is the added sense of love which is felt throughout the book. The illustrations by Carey Majeau perfectly fit the story and depict pure happiness and joy on every page. This book would make the perfect gift on a visit to Nan’s House.

Dr. Jillian McCarthy is a former teacher and current resident physician specializing in pediatrics. Through both careers, she gained knowledge about children’s literature as well as the importance of reading in multiple facets of a child’s development. Born and raised in Newfoundland, Jillian has always had a strong appreciation for the culture of the island, which she often weaves throughout her writing. She grew up in the rural town of Placentia, where she made precious memories while spending an abundance of time at her grandparents’ house. Currently, Jillian resides in St. John’s with her husband, Travis, and daughter, Ellie.

Corey Majeau is an author, illustrator, and cartoonist born in Edson, Alberta. After falling in love with the rocky shores of Newfoundland, he decided to make it his home. Corey has been a cartoonist and graphic designer for more than a decade, with his work spread across multiple platforms and small presses. His cover designs have been nominated for multiple awards and featured in numerous bestselling titles. He resides in Gander, NL, with his wife and best friend, Candace, their son, Jack, and daughter, Charlie.

Publisher: ‎Flanker Press Ltd. (March 5th, 2024)
Paperback 9″ x 9″ | 36 pages
ISBN: 9781774571798

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