TMR Fundraiser for Palestine

We’ve noticed a marked absence of books by Palestinian authors and/or books about Palestine through our regular pitches from publishers. As a result, we’d like to do a direct callout for Palestinian books to review, as well as for our other features such as interviews, excerpts, and “Why I Wrote This Book.” 

In addition to this, we know that the world of literature can exist in an ethereal space of “ideas.” To make an actionable difference, we will be donating 100% of donations through the ko-fi button on our website to GoFundMe’s supporting civilians. 

A list of GoFundMe’s seeking support can be found on these spreadsheets from @operationolivebranch and @gazafamilyfunds:

The Miramichi Reader will amplify the voices of the oppressed and under-represented, and we want to do so in ways that are meaningful. We hope you’ll support us in this initiative. 

2 thoughts on “TMR Fundraiser for Palestine”

  1. This initiative is so urgently needed – thank you, Miramichi Reader. May others follow your example. Concerning your callout for books to review, you may know this already, but Fernwood Publishing is releasing “Thyme Travellers: an Anthology of Palestinian Speculative Fiction”, edited by Sonia Sulaiman.

    From their site: “Thyme Travellers collects fourteen of the Palestinian diaspora’s best voices in speculative fiction. Speculative fiction as a genre invites a reconfiguring of reality, and here each story is a portal into realms of history, folklore and futures.

    “A man stands on the shore waiting to commune with those who live in the ocean. Pilgrims stretch into the distance, passing a stone cairn with a mysterious light streaming from it. Two Australian women fervently dig a tunnel to Jerusalem. Men from Gaza swim in the sea until they drown, still unconcerned. A father and son struggle to connect over the AI scripts prompting their conversation.

    “Building on the work of trailblazing anthologies such as Reworlding Ramallah and Palestine +100, this volume is the first of its kind in Canada. Editor Sonia Sulaiman brings together stories by speculative fiction veterans and emerging writers from Australia to Egypt, Lebanon to Canada.”

    • Thank you, Lynn! Your support means so much. And thank you for the recommendation! We love what Fernwood is doing – they’re truly leaders for principled and progressive publishing. We’ll request this book!!


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