Pride Month Editors’ Picks!

As we continue spotlighting titles this month, here are some excellent queer titles for Pride Month, recommended by our editors!

Crooked Teeth: A Queer Syrian Refugee Memoir by Danny Ramadan

A red cover with a whit block in the shape of Syria, that looks like a tooth.

Reviewed by Clementine Oberst, 2024

“Ramadan has entrusted the public with his story, and in doing so, he contributes enormously to creating a more robust, nuanced portrait of what it means to be a refugee, to be a queer Syrian, and to be Canadian.”

Citronella by Loch Baillie

a pool ladder leads to a maroon background. The bottom let third of the image is grey laminate flooring. The title and author name is in maroon text in the bottom left corner.

Reviewed by Nicholas Selig, 2024

“Part of Citronella’s success is in how it gently intertwines smell, memory, summer and queer love in a hot, languid haze punctuated by deeply intimate musings.”

The Cure for Drowning by Loghan Paylor

A monochromatic blue cover showing a figure, face down, through underwater plants. The title is in white text and fills the whole image.

Reviewed by Lucy Black, 2024

“This is a deeply moving book, filled with historic detail, vividly drawn descriptions, and layered with haunting insights about family, loyalty, and truth.  An incredible Canadian novel. Highly recommended.”

Dayspring by Anthony Oliveira

Reviewed by Bryn Robinson, 2024

Dayspring by Anthony Oliveira – the author’s first – is a captivating tale.”

Wonder World by K. R. Byggdin

Reviewed by Sarah Marie, 2023

Wonder World is the encouraging and inspired queer triumph story that we all deserve. Prepare to be uplifted. “


Eight Strings by Margaret DeRosia

Reviewed by Clementine Oberst, 2023

“The novel is both a commentary on storytelling and an act of reparative storytelling, bringing into focus stories that exist in the margins of the historical record, if at all.”

Dream Rooms by River Halen

Reviewed by Susan Wismer, 2023

Dream Rooms [offers] important advice about what it means to be a loving human being on this planet … [River Halen’s] writing also points the way to a more courageous, less fearful, kinder world for us all.”

The Choice Is Real by Jayson Keery

Reviewed by Zoe Shaw, 2023

“I couldn’t devour The Choice Is Real quickly enough, and strongly recommend it to readers interested in the mythologies and magic of queerness.”

The Winter Knight by Jes Battis

Reviewed by Lisa Timpf, 2023

The Winter Knight is a multi-layered book that delivers on many levels.”

Dreaming Home by Lucian Childs

Cover Image of "Dreaming Home" by Lucian Childs

Reviewed by Sarah Marie, 2023

“A bitingly self-aware debut.”

This Unlikely Soil: Stories by Andrea Routley

Reviewed by Alison Manley, 2022

“Routley’s stories are complex little worlds, rich and full of detail, with enough emotion and depth to make you care about these characters.”

Len and Cub: A Queer History by Meredith Batt and Dusty Green

Reviewed by Gemma Marr, 2022

“These histories—not only of rural queer love generally but also of non-conforming relationships specific to the Atlantic Canadian past—are to be treasured.”

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