Palestinian flag with fundraiser details written over the image.

TMR Fundraiser for Palestine

We’ve noticed a marked absence of books by Palestinian authors and/or books about Palestine through our regular pitches from publishers. As a result, we’d like to do a direct callout for Palestinian books to review, as well as for our other features such as interviews, excerpts, and “Why I Wrote This Book” features. 

In addition to this, we know that the world of literature can exist in an ethereal space of “ideas.” We want to be clear that we, the editors-in-chief at The Miramichi Reader, understand that all writing is inherently political in a world where people’s existences are politicized. So we will be donating 100% of donations through the ko-fi button on our website to GoFundMe’s supporting civilians.

Cover of Off the Tracks. An image of two vintage train seats, facing each other. A window looking out at some trees is between them.

Off the Tracks: A Meditation on Train Journeys by Pamela Mulloy

The romance of train travel has never left our minds, even long after it stopped being such a vital part of travel for the average person. Off the Tracks: a Meditation on Train Journeys in a Time of No Travel by Pamela Mulloy is a love letter to these trains, from a North American perspective.