Inhaled: A Novel Based on a True Story by Nathalie Guilbeault

Inhaled tells the story of a woman who indulges in a weekend of revenge sex as her marriage is faltering. Somehow, she finds herself in a relationship that might be a living hell, but she is unable to break free. Her sometimes charismatic, sometimes unbalanced, lover invades her body, her mind, and every facet of her life.

Almost Visible by Michelle Sinclair

Michelle Sinclair’s first novel, Almost Visible, begins with an ending. Bárbara, in a prison cell in an undisclosed location, gives birth to the daughter she will never see again. In the pathos of this opening, we realize that this will be a story of realities, not easy solutions.

Spindrifts by A-M Mawhiney

A-M Mawhiney’s debut novel Spindrifts is a futuristic fantasy about the healing of the earth. As Young Adult fiction, it is written with simplicity of style, yet it is a complex story that looks forward in hope while addressing difficult choices made in the past and present. The new world that has “risen from the ashes” has hidden darkness, and it falls to the youthful protagonists to find the way forward.