Must-Have New Brunswick Books of 2020*

Of Canada’s thirteen provinces and territories, New Brunswick’s population sits near the middle at #8, just behind Nova Scotia and ahead of PEI and Newfoundland and Labrador. Yet, despite its small population (well under 800,000), there is a wealth of good books either being written by authors based in New Brunswick or books about the “picture province” some even are published here.…

Bill Arnott’s Showcase Interviews: Diana Stevan

Hi Diana, thanks for joining our Showcase family! Let’s introduce you with a bio: author Diana Stevan has worked as a family therapist, teacher, actor, model, and CBC TV sports reporter. She’s published poetry, a short story, newspaper articles, a novelette The Blue Nightgown and three novels: A Cry from The Deep, The Rubber Fence, and Sunflowers Under Fire, which was a finalist for a 2019 Whistler Independent Book Award, and a semi-finalist for a 2019 Kindle Award, Literary Fiction category.…

Halifax and Me by Harry Bruce

In 1971, Harry Bruce, recognized as one of Canada’s top non-fiction writers, lost his mind—according to his peers—when he left bustling, lucrative Toronto and moved his family to the tough little seaport of Halifax. Harry was already acquainted with Halifax; at eighteen, he lived at HMCS Stadacona as an officer-cadet in the Royal Canadian Navy. He joined the navy chiefly to lose his virginity.

Bill Arnott’s Showcase Interviews: Kyla Estoya

Welcome back to Showcase Interviews, meeting artists through Q&A. Today we’re privileged to visit with the diversely talented Kyla Estoya, editor of New Reader Magazine, the mixed media publication with hubs in New York, London, Hong Kong, and Kyla’s home country of Philippines.

What a pleasure to have you on the Showcase, Kyla! Let’s introduce you with your bio: Kyla Estoya is a super typhoon survivor and an advocate for throwing kindness around like confetti.…

Bill Arnott’s Showcase Interviews: Doctor Manuel Matas

Welcome back to Showcase Interviews, meeting diversely talented artists in relaxed Q&A with a Quirky Question for fun. Today we’re privileged to chat with Doctor Manuel Matas. I had the pleasure of meeting Manny at the Whistler Writers Festival where he was a WIBA Awards Finalist for his paranormal memoir, The Borders of Normal.

Hi Manny, thanks for being part of our collaboration.…

A Few Feet Short: an Uncommon Journey to Everest by Jamey Glasnovic

It’s official: I’m scared shitless.

Writes author Jamey Glasnovic in his opening salvo of A Few Feet Short, the story of his Nepalese trek. And with that, I’m hooked, wanting, needing to know more. I like an author who says what they feel—really feel—not diluted or dowsed in vanilla to avoid offending. I remember advice from Stephen King’s On Writing, words to the effect of, “Don’t say things like defecate.…

Bill Arnott’s Showcase Interviews: Ann Shortell

Thanks again for joining our Showcase Interview series – meeting artists through Q&A with a Quirky Question to keep things fun! Today we’re chatting with award-winning author Ann Shortell. After becoming social media friends, Ann and I met at Whistler Writers Festival where she was taking home hardware as Fiction Winner for her historical novel, Celtic Knot: A Clara Swift Tale.…

Heard Amid the Guns by Jacqueline Larson Carmichael

Grandpa Tom, my paternal grandfather (a couple of marriages in) served in the First World War, one of the thousands of underage Canadian kids who lied about their birthdates and enlisted, getting themselves a buzzcut, rifle, and what was, for most, a one-way ticket to the world’s worst Grand Tour. Like every soldier they felt, in part, they were doing their duty—for queen and country in this case, and to keep perceived evil at bay.…

You Don’t Have to Die in the End by Anita Daher

Despite not having met author Anita Daher, I felt as though I knew her. As Chair of The Writers’ Union of Canada, Anita’s regular, written updates are enjoyable—informative and inspirational, yet conversational—as though chatting with an insightful friend over coffee. So when I purchased her latest, You Don’t Have to Die in the End, I felt the comfort one expects when settling in to read the work of an author you trust.…

Bill Arnott’s Showcase Interviews: Edythe Anstey Hanen

Today we’re chatting with author Edythe Anstey Hanen. I met Edye over salad and lasagna at the Whistler Writers Festival, where Edye was a WIBA Finalist for her poignant novel Nine Birds Singing.

Hi Edye, thanks for joining the Showcase! Please share a bit of background to let us know who you are …

Growing up in Vancouver’s Kitsilano neighbourhood in the burgeoning hippie culture of the 1960s was the ultimate dream for a restless, searching teenager like me.…

The Borders of Normal by Manuel Matas, M.D.

As an experienced psychiatrist, Dr. Manuel Matas is very familiar with the science of the human brain—as well as the possibilities that exist beyond the known borders of consciousness. He has never been a classic rationalist, as he himself has experienced phenomena that defy logic and the explanations of Western medicine. In The Borders of Normal, Dr. Matas reveals just how accepted (and studied) many of these phenomena are, providing a compelling overview of influential thinkers who have, over the years, recognized events and experiences that fall outside the realm of current scientific thought.

Bill Arnott’s Beat: Webinar on The Power of Cross-Promotion

Originally presented on September 13th, 2020, This two-hour webinar features Bill Arnott giving a recorded workshop he gave for the Federation of BC and Yukon Writers for both self-published and traditionally published authors. Workshop attendees paid $45, but accessing the recorded session is only $12. This supports the Federation as well as the presenter.

Throughout the webinar, Bill presents his tips on:

  • Marketing essentials – promoting books AND your author brand.

Bill Arnott’s Showcase Interviews: Patricia Sandberg

Let’s meet award-winning author Patricia Sandberg, a tireless member of the Canadian Authors Association, which is where we met, at a boisterous Vancouver get-together.

Q. Please tell us about yourself.

A. I grew up on the banks of Lake Athabasca, at a mine producing uranium for the Cold War. Residents said, “it was the best place they ever lived.” After leaving my legal career, I gave the long-closed town new life in my nonfiction book Sun Dogs and Yellowcake: Gunnar Mines, A Canadian Story which happily won some awards.…

Restigouche: The Long Run of the Wild River by Philip Lee

A canoe trip that spans decades of historical reflection, offering a unique perspective on the Restigouche, its impact on the people who live beside and along the river, and their impact on this natural phenomenon.

Canoeing was integral to my childhood. And as an adult, for that matter. The last boat I bought was Kevlar—lightweight and strong, and of course, bulletproof.…

The Mongolian Chronicles by Allen Smutylo

In the shadows of the Altai Mountains live the Kazakh nomads of western Mongolia. These hard-living nomads survive on windswept steppes, grazing their herds and keeping an ancient practice alive: hunting not with traps or guns, but on horseback with golden eagles. The Mongolian Chronicles recounts a story of this untamed world, seen through the eyes of artist, writer, and traveller Allen Smutylo.