Cynthia Sharp

Impromptu by Jude Neale

Of Light: A Review of Jude Neale’s Impromptu

Jude Neale encouraged me to write with her through National Poetry Month and I caught the fever, her own original prompts the ones that flowed most easily. Like the collage of hearts and … Continue reading

Riding Alone by Ashok Bhargava

Ashok Bhargava is a poet who strives to live peacefully in all his interactions, with self, others the divine and his struggle through cancer. Riding Alone chronicles that journey.

Shards of Crystal by Fern G. Z. Carr

I’ve been a fan of Fern G. Z. Carr’s work for years, whether it’s orbiting Mars or in literary journals through the globe. Now to have a whole melodic book of hers to curl up with by the fire under blankets and starlight is a rare quarantine treat.

A Blooming by Jude Neale

Written by guest poster Cynthia Sharp, this review of Jude Neale's A Blooming, from Ekstasis Editions, 2019, was first published in Canadian Poetry Review. It is reproduced here with the author's kind permission.