The Shelley A. Leedhal Interview

Shelley A. Leedahl is the author of thirteen books, including the short story collection Listen, Honey (DC Books), four previous poetry collections; an adult and a juvenile novel; creative nonfiction; and the illustrated children's books The Bone Talker and The Moon Watched It All. She writes for commercial markets and has worked as a radio advertising copywriter in AB and SK. She lives in Ladysmith on Vancouver Island. Go (Radiant Press) is her latest poetry collection.

The Alon Ozery Interview

What does it cost to live an inauthentic life? If anyone knows, it's Alon Ozery. Born in Toronto to an Orthodox Jewish father and a British mother, raised in Israel, and educated in Canada, Alon didn't come out of the closet until he had a wife and three children.

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