The Everwell Society for the Benefit of Sorrowful Spinsters and Woeful Widows invites you to read Michelle Helliwell’s Scandalous Spinster series over tea while relaxing at Everwell Manor.

Set in Victorian Halifax in the 1870s, each novel in the series is about a different teacher at Everwell Manor. They do not need to be read in order but your enjoyment of the series may increase if you do so.

Cover of The Journal of Anxious Izzy Parker. A little girl peers into the edge of the ocean and sees a tiger shadow where her shadow should be.

The Journal of Anxious Izzy Parker by Alma Fullerton

Izzy has just moved from Toronto to a farm on Prince Edward Island, that was once a bed and breakfast. She does not like change or leaving her best friend Jane or her Dad, but the sounds of the waves and seagulls, the slower pace of life, having her own craft room (bunkie), and a soft-serve ice cream machine in their new kitchen helps to balance out most of the negatives of moving.

Cover of When the World Fell Silent by Donna Alward. Picture is of a young woman with her back to the reader, in a blue dress.

When the World Fell Silent by Donna Alward

When the World Fell Silent by Donna Alward is a historical fiction novel that follows two women who reside in Halifax, Nova Scotia in 1917. War has been raging in Europe for 3 years and the busy port of Halifax with its deep, ice-free harbor and strategic location makes it the perfect location for military support operations for the war.

Palestinian flag with fundraiser details written over the image.

TMR Fundraiser for Palestine

We’ve noticed a marked absence of books by Palestinian authors and/or books about Palestine through our regular pitches from publishers. As a result, we’d like to do a direct callout for Palestinian books to review, as well as for our other features such as interviews, excerpts, and “Why I Wrote This Book” features. 

In addition to this, we know that the world of literature can exist in an ethereal space of “ideas.” We want to be clear that we, the editors-in-chief at The Miramichi Reader, understand that all writing is inherently political in a world where people’s existences are politicized. So we will be donating 100% of donations through the ko-fi button on our website to GoFundMe’s supporting civilians.