Miramichi Flash Showcase: November 2022

A double issue! Eight delicious #FlashFiction - “My People Came Down From the Mountains by Vicki McLeod, "The Scent of Lemons" by Sandra Arnold, "Tying The Boats" by Amanda O'Callaghan, "Nowhere Station" by Tom Hazuka, "The Matador" by Lorette C. Luzajic, "Grandma's Three Heads" by Traci Mullins, "Beneath A Vacant Sky" by Sara Dobbie, and "Slugs In Designer Colours" by Doni Eve. Enjoy!

The Laughing People: A Tribute to my Innu Friends by Serge Bouchard

The Laughing People, translated from the award-winning Le peuple rieur, conveys the richness and resilience of the Innu while reminding us of the forces – old and new – that threaten their community. This memoir and tribute tells the tale of the very long journey of a very small nation, recounting both its joie de vivre and its crosses borne.