Big Men Fear Me by Mark Bourrie

In Big Men Fear Me, award-winning historian Mark Bourrie tells the remarkable story of George McCullagh’s inspirational rise and devastating…

2 months ago

Excerpt: Makeup Tips From Auschwitz How Vanity Saved My Mother’s Life by Tommy Schnurmacher

An excerpt from "Makeup Tips From Auschwitz" by Tommy Schnurmacher

2 months ago

In the Writers’ Words: Conversations with Ten Canadian Poets, Volume II, by Laurence Hutchman

Bruce Meyer: “I am not sure poetry can save the world, but it is as good a place as any…

8 months ago

A Celebration of Life in Art by Herman Falke, Edited by Michael Walsh

A unique, fully illustrated autobiography in full colour covering over 60 years of the life, art, and ruminations of a…

8 months ago

Extraordinary Canadians: Stories from the Heart of Our Nation, by Peter Mansbridge, with Mark Bulgutch

The ability to distill a wealth of information into the cogent facts, and then weave those facts into a story…

10 months ago

Ray Guy: Portrait of a Rebel by Ron Crocker

Ray Guy: Portrait of a Rebel is a testament and a toast to Ray Guy’s brilliant writing. It is also…

10 months ago

Edward Feuz Jr.: A Story of Enchantment by D. L. Stephen

An intimate look at the life and climbs of Swiss alpine guide Edward Feuz Jr., patriarch of Canadian alpinism and…

12 months ago

Fool’s Gold: The Life and Legacy of Vancouver’s Official Town Fool by Jesse Donaldson

In Fool's Gold, Donaldson explores the legacy of Joachim Foikis. On April 1, 1968, a tall, bespectacled, 35-year-old former social…

12 months ago

Anything but a Still Life: The Art and Lives of Molly Lamb and Bruno Bobak by Nathan M. Greenfield

Molly Lamb and Bruno Bobak shot to prominence as war artists during the Second World War. Marrying shortly after the…

2 years ago

Behind The Red Door: How Elizabeth Arden Legacy Inspired My Coming-of-Age in the Beauty Industry by Louise Claire Johnson

in 2008, at the age of eighteen, Louise Johnson moved from the suburbs of Toronto, Canada to Manhattan to begin…

2 years ago

Alexa! Changing the Face of Canadian Politics by Stephen Kimber

Alexa McDonough’s impact on Canadian politics cannot be measured solely by election victories or seat tallies. As the first female…

2 years ago

No Place for a Woman by Antony Berger

While the story of Ella’s life is interesting in its own right, it is in her writings about the people…

2 years ago

Tiff: A Life of Timothy Findley by Sherill Grace

Sherill Grace’s mammoth work on one of Canada’s greatest writers sets us on course for an exhaustive exploration, not only…

2 years ago

The Sherrill Grace Interview

"I write against violence. I write against fascism. I write against one person dominating another." Timothy Findley Already garnering attention…

2 years ago

The Story of Lillian Burke, by Edward M. Langille

Lillian Burke is not a household name. If Edward M. Langille, author of The Lillian Burke Story, had his way,…

3 years ago

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