Operation Masonic by Helen C. Escott

The Freemasons' Most Worshipful Grand Master has been murdered. His body has been laid out in the ritualistic Chamber of…

4 months ago

A Rip Through Time by Kelley Armstrong

In A Rip Through Time, New York Times bestselling author Kelley Armstrong introduces a brand-new series mixing mystery, romance, and…

7 months ago

Beneath Her Skin by C.S. Porter

Beneath Her Skin is a literary crime thriller from a mysterious new voice in Atlantic fiction.

10 months ago

Heroines Revisited: Photographs by Lincoln Clarkes

Heroines Revisited is a large format follow-up volume to the original Heroines: Photographs by Lincoln Clarkes that was released by…

11 months ago

Everyone but Fajza by John Portelli, Translated by Irene Mangion

Everyone but Fajza starts off with conflicting media reports in Toronto about a serious incident involving Fajza. The major characters…

1 year ago

When The Dead Are Razed by Samuel Martin

Martin’s propulsive storytelling, knife-edge prose, and deep compassion for the hardscrabble lives of his characters will keep you turning pages…

1 year ago

Under an Outlaw Moon by Deitrich Kalteis

Under an Outlaw Moon is based on the true story of Depression-era bank robbers Bennie and Stella Mae Dickson. She’s…

1 year ago

The Beatle Bandit: A Serial Bank Robber’s Deadly Heist, a Cross-Country Manhunt, and the Insanity Plea that Shook the Nation by Nate Hendley

On July 24, 1964, twenty-four-year-old Matthew Kerry Smith disguised himself with a mask and a Beatle wig, hoisted a semi-automatic…

1 year ago

The “Mr. Big” Sting: The Cases, the Killers, the Controversial Confessions by Mark Stobbe

The “Mr. Big” Sting is essential reading for anyone interested in unorthodox approaches to justice, including their successes and failures.…

1 year ago

The Body On The Beach by Patrick J. Collins

Inspired by a true event in Harbour Grace, 1920 Frank Fallon, a veteran policeman, finds himself demoted and transferred back…

1 year ago

The Devil to Pay: An Inspector Green Mystery by Barbara Fradkin

When a man disappears, the police conclude he is simply fleeing an unhappy home and a mountain of debt. Then…

1 year ago

Operation Trafficked by Helen C. Escott

In her most thrilling novel to date, bestselling, award-winning author Helen C. Escott takes you on a lightning-paced, chillingly current…

1 year ago

The Liquor Vicar by Vince R. Ditrich

Reduced to DJing rural weddings, Tony Vicar feels the bite of failure. A frustrated and failed musician, unable to discern…

1 year ago

Death on Darby’s Island by Alice Walsh

Death on Darby's Island is a murder-mystery set in the outport community of Darby's Island in the mid-seventies.

2 years ago

Murder on the Orford Mountain Railway by Nick Fonda

On a warm August evening in 1905, a 12-year old boy is shot in the back and killed near the…

2 years ago

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