The Full Catastrophe by Méira Cook

A compassionate and funny novel about defining yourself, the communities that support us, and the journeys that secrets propel.

4 months ago

Qorbanot: Offerings by Alisha Kaplan, Art by Tobi Aaron Kahn

A collaboration between poet Alisha Kaplan and artist Tobi Aaron Kahn, Qorbanot--the Hebrew word for sacrificial offerings--explores the concept of…

9 months ago

Brought Down by Simon Constam

Characterized by the admission of doubt in God’s desire for a better world, and willing to see Jewish tradition as…

10 months ago

Talking to Dr. Nora Gold About the Tenth Anniversary of

I have found the various writing communities in Canada to be very supportive of each other, and certainly fills…

2 years ago

The Karen Schauber Interview

Karen Schauber is the editor of the best-selling book The Group of Seven Reimagined, an extraordinary combination of art and…

3 years ago

The Group of Seven Reimagined, Edited by Karen Schauber

It is a fabulous idea, the melding of the internationally famous Group of Seven Canadian landscape artists with some of…

3 years ago

In Many Waters by Ami Sands Brodoff

In Many Waters is the gripping story of three orphans whose lives intersect on the island of Malta during our…

6 years ago

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