Touch Anywhere to Begin by Mark Anthony Jarman

From acclaimed author Mark Anthony Jarman comes Touch Anywhere to Begin, his first book of travel writing since the publication…

1 month ago

The Call of the Red Winged Blackbird by Tim Bowling

In this collection of essays Tim Bowling picks up the common questions, and beauties, of life and examines them closely.

2 months ago

A Life Spent Listening by Hassan Khalili

In A Life Spent Listening, Dr. Hassan Khalili reflects on four decades of being a frontline community psychotherapist and shares…

3 months ago

Resonance: Essays on the Craft and Life of Writing, edited by Andrew Chesham and Laura Farina

Through forty-two personal essays, Resonance: Essays on the Craft and Life of Writing brings together insights from writers and publishers…

3 months ago

Excerpt from “Science Poetry and Jim Johnstone: A Lyric Essay” by Shane Neilson*,**

This is an excerpt from a forthcoming essay by Shane Neilson regarding science poetry and his friend, Jim Johnstone.

7 months ago

Essay: To Err is Humane by David Frank

It happens. You pick up a book and read it with keen interest. It’s a fine read . . .…

8 months ago

Heroines Revisited: Photographs by Lincoln Clarkes

Heroines Revisited is a large format follow-up volume to the original Heroines: Photographs by Lincoln Clarkes that was released by…

9 months ago

Hispanic Canadian Literature in Translation: No Longer from the Outside Looking In by Luciana Erregue

A viewpoint article by Luciana Errugue about the challenges of getting Hispanic literature translated in English.

1 year ago

The Great Canadian Lit-Mag Hunt by Nathaniel G. Moore

In Honorarium, Nathaniel G. Moore compiles twenty years worth of reading other people's books, while also faithfully attempting to convey…

1 year ago

Beyond the Food Court Edited by Luciana Erregue-Sacchi

Beyond the Food Court: an Anthology of Literary Cuisines showcases 14 recognized authors from all over the world who call…

2 years ago

Small, Broke, and Kind of Dirty: Affirmations for the Real World by Hana Shafi

Drawing on her experience as a millennial woman of colour, and writing with humour and a healthy dose of irreverence,…

2 years ago

What the Oceans Remember: Searching for Belonging and Home by Sonja Boon

Sonja Boon’s heritage is complicated. Although she has lived in Canada for more than 30 years, she was born in…

2 years ago

Awakening My Heart by Andrea Miller

From Andrea Miller comes a diverse collection of essays, articles, and interviews. Miller, whose writing is by turns earnest and…

2 years ago

Rising Tides: Reflections for Climate Changing Times, edited by Catriona Sandilands

In the introduction to Rising Tides, Sandilands states that climate change stories “focus increasingly on thornier questions of persistence, adaptation,…

3 years ago

Margin of Interest: Essays on English Language Poetry of the Maritimes by Shane Neilson

The essays in Margin of Interest showcase the rich history of poetry in the Canadian Maritimes, recognizing the drawbacks of…

3 years ago

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