Love Will Out: A Newfoundland Story by David Michael

St. John's was a visceral shock to them. In a hansom cab, on their way to the Crosbie Hotel on…

6 days ago

Sisu’s Winter War by Liisa Kovala

A twisting journey through time and place, exploring family, relationships, war, and memory, Sisu’s Winter War is a historical novel focused on…

7 days ago

Stray Dogs by Rawi Hage

The irresistible characters in Stray Dogs lead radically different lives, but all are restless travelers, moving between states—nation-states and states…

7 days ago

Rosa’s Very Own Personal Revolution by Eric Dupont, translated by Peter McCambridge

Eric Dupont seems to have his own distinct writing style. Like Songs for the Cold of Heart, Rosa–while not quite as epic–is…

1 week ago

Welcome to the Weird America by A.G. Pasquella

A.G. Pasquella’s Welcome to the Weird America brings together three of his brilliant, fabulist novellas, each of which is filled…

3 weeks ago

The Lost English Girl by Julia Kelly

The acclaimed author of the “sweeping and beautifully written novel” (Woman’s World) The Light Over London weaves an epic saga…

3 weeks ago

The Most Precious Substance on Earth by Shashi Bhat

A humorous coming-of-age novel-in-stories and a sharp-edged look at how silence can shape a life, from the winner of the…

3 weeks ago

The General of Tiananmen Square by Ian Hamilton

Ava Lee squares off against the Chinese government over a controversial film depicting the infamous Tiananmen Square Massacre in the…

3 weeks ago

The Case of the Rigged Race by Michael Hutchinson

Windy Lake First Nation is hosting the annual Trappers Festival, and the four Mighty Muskrats are excited about the sled-dog…

3 weeks ago

Lying Beside You by Michael Robotham

Cyrus Haven and Evie Cormac return in Robotham’s latest page-turning, psychological thriller.

4 weeks ago

We Meant Well by Erum Shazia Hasan

A propulsive debut that grapples with timely questions about what it means to be charitable, who deserves what, and who…

4 weeks ago

In the City of Pigs by André Forget

A failed musician obsessed with avant-garde art enters a shadowy world where bohemian excess meets the avaricious interests of a…

4 weeks ago

Sleepers and Ties by Gail Kirkpatrick

Grieving Museum curator Margaret returns to her childhood home to leave behind her sister Shirley's ashes and attend the final…

4 weeks ago

The Remembering by Susan Sinnott

The highly anticipated debut work of adult fiction from award-winning author of crossover novel Catching the Light, following three generations…

2 months ago

A World of Curiosities by Louise Penny

Penny’s masterful writing makes for smooth reading, and her knack for arousing curiosity about what comes next pulls the reader…

2 months ago

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