Patterson House by Jane Cawthorne

Alden Patterson, the last living member of a once-wealthy Toronto family, is haunted by the legacy of her grandfather, William…

15 hours ago

My Name is Seepeetza by Shirley Sterling

An honest look at life in an Indian residential school in the 1950s, and how one indomitable young spirit survived…

2 days ago

Unrest by Emma Côté

Brisk, observational, and darkly comic, Unrest is both a road trip story and a touching eulogy on life, death, and…

2 days ago

My Indian Summer: A Novel by By Joseph Kakwinokanasum

My Indian Summer, is a coming-of-age book, an account that sounds based in truth, and tells of a season that…

6 days ago

Excerpt: The Elk Whistle Warrior Society by Rick Revelle

This excerpt is taken from the forthcoming book by Rick Revelle, The Elk Whistle Warrior Society. This action and adventure…

6 days ago

Reading Indigenous With Alison Manley

Three reviews of books written by Indigenous authors that Alison Manley (TMR's Associate Editor) read in late 2022.

6 days ago

Operation Masonic by Helen C. Escott

The Freemasons' Most Worshipful Grand Master has been murdered. His body has been laid out in the ritualistic Chamber of…

1 week ago

Nether Regions by Randal Graham

Gear up for laughter in the hereafter as Socrates sets out to assassinate every soul who can remember the mortal…

2 weeks ago

Aquariums, by J.D. Kurtness, translated by Pablo Strauss

Whales, researchers, and colourful ancestors play key roles in Aquariums, a novel by J.D. Kurtness. Aquariums follows the story of…

2 weeks ago

A Taste of Hunger by Barbara Joan Scott

A family saga about Ukrainian immigrants in the early 20th century, the power of desire, Baba Yaga fairytales, and a…

2 weeks ago

Some Hellish by Nicholas Herring

Some Hellish is a story about anguish and salvation, the quiet grace and patience of transformation, the powers of addiction…

2 weeks ago

Birth Road by Michelle Wamboldt

Episodic in nature, Birth Road by Michell Wamboldt tells the story of Helen, a young woman from Truro, whose life…

2 weeks ago

As Little As Nothing by Pamela Mulloy

Rich with historical detail, As Little As Nothing beautifully explores themes of resistance, the strength of new bonds, and the…

2 weeks ago

The Crooked Knife: A Nell Munro Mystery by Jan Morrison

Constable Nell Munro is angry and in danger of losing her job. A teacher, Jay Tuck, has been found dead,…

3 weeks ago

Shimmer by Alex Pugsley

In ten vividly told stories, Shimmer follows characters through relationships, within social norms, and across boundaries of all kinds as…

3 weeks ago

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